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The Iboga Visions

The Iboga Visions

Contemporary anti-war novel with a historical sub-plot on the First World War.



Neo-fascism in America

Neo-fascism in America article

Published online by Surface magazine in December 2004, Neo-fascism in America rapidly became Google’s number one hit of over three quarters of a million hits on neo-fascism. It has elicited many thousands of positive email responses from across the world, and five years later remains in the top ten of Google hits on the subject.



A Law Unto Themselves

A Law Unto Themselves

Following a legal block, release date is still awaited for this tale of corruption within the ranks of Strathclyde Police and the Scottish criminal justice system. Using documentary evidence from official correspondence, the book highlights a shocking miscarriage of justice and its subsequent cover-up.

First World War

The First World War

This is a work in progress which I am co-authoring with ex high school rector and playwright, Gerry Docherty. It will expose, for the first ever time in a mainstream publication, how the First World War was deliberately started by massively rich bankers and war profiteers based in London, not Berlin.

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